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Sterling Silver (925) 1/8" x 6" - 18 Gauge Cuff Bracelet Blanks for Jewelry M...
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Sterling Silver (925) 1/8" x 6" - 18 Gauge Cuff Bracelet Blanks for Jewelry M...

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1/8" x 6" sterling is our narrowest bracelet blank size. You'll need to use the smaller metal stamp characters. It's long enough to fit most women's wrist sizes comfortably. It's used for hammering, stamping and engraving. Bulk order | Wholesale prices are available. Here are the details: SIZE 1/8" x 6". The 6" length is most popular. USES Great for making bracelets, such as cuffs and bangles. MATERIAL 18 gauge, soft temper. Conforms well to texturing with hammers and mills. FINISHING This is a completely finished blank that's ready for your artisan work. The edges are de-burred and the corners are slightly rounded so your finished product will have a nice and comfortable fit. We tumble the metal for a smooth finish and nice shine. This also gives it some additional flexibility and hardness. This is a high quality product, making it much less likely to crack and snap when you hammer, stamp or engrave. No holes or markings. PACKAGING These will be sent to you as flat strips so you can do whatever you want with them. Any plastic backing is removed during our manufacturing process. We package each blank so that they won't scratch during transit. CRAFTING TOOLS A good 'ol hammer will do the trick if you want to simply hand hammer a texture design. The next step up would be a brass hammer for a more professional touch. You can also use a milling machine to add special textures like lace and flowers. Add words and other designs with metal stamps or an engraving machine. The metal is easy to bend into a bracelet but most artisans will use a bracelet bender or round metal pipe to get the exact desired bracelet shape.

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